I bring over fifteen years of legal experience to help you in times of need.

I Can Help You With
Your Matrimonial & Family Law Case

Mr. DiMartino is well experienced in the practice of matrimonial and family law. If you are considering a separation or divorce then you should meet with an attorney to discuss your situation. Receiving legal advice in a timely manner about these matters is essential to provide you with your rights and options as provided under New York State Law.

Being represented by an experienced family law attorney can also give you the peace of mind you need to explore potential solutions and create a viable strategy that allows you to move forward.

I Can Help You With
Your Criminal Defense

Mr. DiMartino, a former Assistant Oswego County District Attorney with in excess of ten (10) years of Criminal Defense experience can help you. He has trial experience. It is important to know your rights before you speak to authorities. Mr. DiMartino can help. Do not go it alone.

I Can Help You With Your DWI Charge

There is no need to look outside Oswego County for your DWI defense. I have a cost effective plan of action set from the day you step in my office. I have the experience & the training to get you through this process and get your driving privileges back as soon as is possible.

I Can Help You With Your Traffic Infractions

With traffic violations come points assessed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Points can result in insurance surcharges and potentially a suspension of your driving privileges. Let Mr. DiMartino assist you with your traffic ticket. Many times court appearances can be avoided and points can be reduced, saving you time and expenses.

I Can Help You With Your Social Security Disability Claim

If you are disabled, unable to work and you are without any financial means, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney at your side. Mr. DiMartino has represented many claimants before the Office of Social Security Administration and Hearings.

I can provide you with the experience and strategy to favorably present your claim to the Social Security Administrative Judge hearing your case.

I Can Help You With Your Real Estate Transaction

Whether a Residential or Commercial sale or purchase , the point of the Real Estate Sales Transaction is to get the deal done as quickly as is possible. I work closely with the Title Companies, the Surveyors and the Realtors to coordinate these services into a smooth and expedited process. I can also provide you with Title Insurance Services. I have the experience, training and the know-how to get you through your Real Estate Transaction.

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